San Francisco, California Firefighters Local 798 published a document for their members entitled “Your Patient Is A Firefighter” which provides a document to healthcare providers about associated risk for firefighters.  The International Association of Fire Chiefs, Firefighter Safety through Advanced Research (FSTAR) also developed a document entitled a Healthcare Providers Guide to Firefighter Physicals, your patient is a firefighter. Firefighters are subject to a wide variety of health and wellness issues associated with their profession.  Active and retired firefighters must be evaluated to minimize the effects from their profession.  The following recommendations are offered as assistance to your healthcare provider to make decisions pertaining to your medical fitness and/or associated treatment! Have the discussion with your healthcare provider to ensure the following basic but essential areas are addressed in your annual physical examination.

Recommended Yearly Screening Vitals, Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, Respiration Rate, Weight, Body Fat percentage
Cardiovascular Health & Fitness Ischemia, Consider Coronary Artery Calcium CT scan, Echocardiography
Musculoskeletal Injuries Underlying musculoskeletal issues, referral to appropriate treatment, encourage flexibility and core strengthening exercises.
Cancer Colonoscopy, Annual PSA, Annual pap smear, Annual mammograms, annual testicular exam and instruction o self-examination, Head to toe dermatology examination, Urinalysis
Lung Disease Spirometry, Chest X-Ray, consider low dose CT for screening for lung cancer in high risk individuals
Behavior Health Behavioral Health Screening
Sleep Disorders Assess sleep and use of sleep medications, Screen for sleep apnea, Sleep Study
Infectious Diseases Immunity vaccinations, periodic screening, vaccines