LA to NY Recap

After leaving Los Angeles on August 1, 2021 and 40 days on the road, September 9, 2021 marked the arrival of our Fire Velo team of bicycle riders at the 9-11 Memorial site in New York City.  We are now comfortable in calling our $100,000 fundraising campaign goal achieved.  Donations compiled from a very meaningful $5 individual contribution to several in the thousand-dollar range, they all pooled together to make our goal a reality.  We received donations and notes of encouragement from not only across the United States, but from around the world as well.  We had many “partners” join us in spirit and contribute to the success of the ride.

There are so many people and organizations to thank that it would be impossible to name them all here.  Please trust that the support we felt both from the local level as our riders crossed the nation to the encouragement and love from family and friends back home was truly inspiring and uplifting.  We could not have completed the challenges of the ride without that support.

Our primary beneficiaries: The Fire Family Foundation, Friends of Firefighters, The San Francisco Firefighter Cancer Awareness Foundation, and the Gary Sinise Foundation will all benefit from the fundraising results.  We are pleased to continue our mission of “Firefighters riding for others” by sharing the proceeds of our efforts with these valuable organizations.

On behalf of the Fire Velo riders, SAG team and beneficiaries involved in the event, Thank You for helping us achieve our goals.