Online FireVelo – San Francisco to Los Angeles  / Rider Donation Process.

THANK YOU for making a donation to a FireVelo Rider. Your donations go directly to activities and organizations supporting Firefighters and First Responder cancer victims.

This year the donation process has been streamlined and is simpler than ever:

Go to the “Donate” Tab on the Fire Velo page”.Scroll down to “Monetary Donation” Left to “SF2LA Rider Donation”

The “SF2LA Rider Donation” has been formatted as a product purchase offering donation.  Purchases are in preset increments of $25, $50 & $100.  You can purchase multiples of any amount or combination to tailor your donation to your wishes.  For example, one $25 and one $50 if you want to give $75.  If you’re feeling generous, two $100 and one $50 would give the organization $250.

Once you have made your monetary selection the select the second option and select a rider you wish to donation to go toward.

There is a pull down option for you to select from a list of the registered riders to date.

Select the rider you wish to support and your donation will be credited to their efforts.

Items will appear in your cart and you can proceed to checkout.  On the checkout page you can insert text for your donation to go in support or in memory of as well.

It is important that you provide your name and contact info so that we can provide you with important Tax ID information for your year-end tax filing.  If you are affiliated with a Fire, Law Enforcement, Military Branch or other first responder agency, we would appreciate having you give us that information as well.

Simply proceed on through the standard purchase process to complete the donation. We use the STRIPE money transfer system so the transaction may appear on your credit card statement with a reference to STRIPE.

Once again, thank you for your support of the FireVelo organization and their efforts to support cancer victims in the Fire Services.